Research for Brands. For our clients we are the key to understanding people better.

Through our market research we unlock complex human behaviour. Through our results and findings, we make relationships between people, brands and markets accessible. In addition, we provide our clients with clear-cut recommendations for action.

Our guideline for everything that we deliver – from psychological research and quantitative data analysis to strategy workshops – and for each chart is always: does the analysis reveal something?


Using our results we bring you closer to the needs and decision-making motives of your target audience – from typical consumers and specific target markets (B2B), to healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, clinicians, etc.). Our market research helps you to understand how people perceive brands, why that is, and how brand perceptions can take a new, positive direction.

We are convinced: perception governs behaviour. Therefore marketing needs a deep understanding of human behaviour – comprehensible and measurable.

K&A BrandResearch decodes brand experience. With our insights we also provide an edge for the subsequent "encoding" of brand signals within successful touchpoint management.


Using our analyses and conceptual conclusions, we get to the heart of people and to their everyday lives, their attitudes and their behaviour. The better we understand people’s everyday lives, the closer we are to current brand experience and corresponding consumer positioning.

Our research tools explain human behaviour psychologically and provide statistical support – qualitative and quantitative methodology from one source! In addition, we demonstrate our guiding principle, to get closer to people and their brand experience, through numerous specialist publications, seminars and independent studies.


K&A BrandTriangle®
Beer tap

How people experience brands and how to measure this experience. In our everyday lives we encounter brands, services, and innovations constantly. Unfortunately everyday life is marked by a lack of time and information overload.

For the interaction between brands and the individual this means: only those who send relevant and clear signals and messages via critical touchpoints can expect that a given brand can be experienced by the observer within a split-second.

In this, brand experience can be measured at any time. And brand experience can also be dynamically developed based on an informed analysis of facts as well as findings from consumer psychology and neuromarketing.

Positioning via the K&A BrandTriangle®: clear marketing strategy recommendations should always be concise, reasonable, and viable. Our BrandTriangle® lays out a cause and effect chain for addressing target markets effectively.

Besides reason-to-believe and benefit argumentation, the market effect model also contains the pivotal touchpoints, brand signals, as well as the brand personality.


Silhouette of a head with the word Thinking.


How do people really perceive brands? Which desires and needs exist? Which fears and worries? Psychological insights that really help. Marketing that gets very close to people and their feelings.

Silhouette of a head with the word Experience.


A brand only thrives if we experience it the right way! Brand profiles and consumer positioning are the results of current brand experience. Which in turn can be measured and managed using research: efficient touchpoint management, more successful marketing!

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If you forget something, you haven’t experienced it. Brands need to sustainably and effectively communicate! Channel-crossing using right and relevant emotions and messages. Intelligent methods help to raise brand awareness.

Our tools for a better understanding of people and brands.

Describing behaviour and making it more predictable. For this purpose we have a broad repertoire of methodically-controlled methods. Compared to many other quantitative methods, our qualitative approach is characterised by a much greater openness and flexibility. Our market research delivers accurate results and unique derivations, which marketing managers can rely on immediately.

Our research is conducted face-to-face, online, in the test studio, and also ethnographically. For the recruitment of volunteers, we work with trusted partners on a national and international level.


K&A HealthCare Unit. We ask your doctor or pharmacist! The healthcare sector (RX, OTC, medical technology, personal care) has been a focus for K&A BrandResearch with sophisticated target markets (specialist doctors, medical specialists, pharmacists, patients, health insurance professionals, opinion leaders, etc.) and challenging topics (political reforms and restrictions, indications and indication-independent taboos).

Our specialised unit works with three interdisciplinary teams realizing national and international projects. In the past 15 years we have carried out over 600 K&A Psychodrama® studies in the healthcare sector alone.

Innovations. If you knew the future, you would need less marketing and market research. But in order to generate success factors for innovations for subsequent brand management, K&A BrandResearch delivers the necessary insights for corporate strategy using projective methods with numerous with numerous creative techniques (e.g. psychodrama). Success can never be predicted or guaranteed 100%. But failures can be minimised based on research!

Best Age. No segment changes so drastically as the age group of 50+ / 60+. What still applied five years ago, already applies only to a limited extent in the renewable cohorts. K&A has been conducting independent studies for about 15 years with regard to those in the "best age" and is considered to be an expert in socio-psychological changes of motive structures and self-perception in this target group.

Children. In families children are becoming increasingly important in the selection decision of brands. Biographical marketing strategies strive to inspire them early as future consumers of their brands. When building fascinating period brands we support our customers with specific tools for child market research. The change in brand-human interaction to relevant messages and concise signals especially in children and adolescents is the alpha and omega for brand success.

Media / Publishing. With Web 3.0 reading and media behaviour has changed dramatically. So the approach to the potential target groups has also changed. K&A helps to optimise the target group approach for titles and internet providers. Whoever knows the needs and motives of people in their media behaviour can also achieve successful and differentiated positioning specific to target groups.

Finance and Insurance. People want as much security as possible. Especially with large investments and health issues. In addition to image and positioning studies for banks, insurance companies and health insurance companies the fields of activity undertaken by K&A BrandResearch also include decision analysis on capital investments and real estate.

Commerce. Commerce is constantly changing. It communicates with us humans in ever more subtle ways, using various touchpoints. Commerce brands are increasingly only commercial or private labels. K&A accompanies commerce strategies on shopper research, brand psychology positioning studies, advertising effectiveness research to efficient touchpoint management – and via food retailers, specialist beverage markets, shop-in-shop configurations, fashion, online retailers and many others.

Telecommunications. How people will communicate in the future has always been a central concern for K&A BrandResearch. The analysis does not focus only on electronic devices and their handling, but also all forms of human interaction through the network: from classical consumer electronics and mobile phones to online banking, e-commerce and dating.

Beverages. K&A lives for beverage brands! From research into innovations to positioning analysis and basic psychological studies. Beer (regional and international) belongs within our skillset as much as soft drinks, energy drinks and hot drinks, but so too do issues concerning containers and B2B. Due to its exceptional level of expertise in the beverage sector K&A is on the advisory board of the Getränke Impuls Tage event held annually in Kitzbühel.

Food. A core competence since 1984! Qualitative and quantitative market research of all kinds, numerous psychodrama studies, as well as brand consulting for SMEs, highlight the wide range of collaborations between confectionery, snack food products, dairy products, meat and sausages, delicatessen products, baked goods, and frozen foods to stationery, cosmetics and toilet paper. Everything that is important for everyday life!




Closer to the brand experience!

How are brands experienced? What moves people? This interests us as we continue to research and explain the human-brand interaction.

Therefore we regularly conduct studies on current topics and trends. And we provide our research results to our customers and stakeholders.


"As a researcher and brand consultant, I am particularly interested in recent publications in the field of neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics. If anything has especially impressed me and could also be helpful to our customers in their work, I summarise it several times a year into a short, inspirational text. Intended as a small impulse to make us think, i.e. intended as BrainCandy." Ralph Ohnemus.

BrainCandy No. 41

Can our brains fight cancer through positive thinking?

BrainCandy No. 40

“Artificial intelligence can determine if you‘re gay – all it takes is one photo!” Will our most intimate secrets now be brought to the light of day?

BrainCandy No. 39

What do founders have to offer in order to receive funding from an investor in „Die Höhle der Löwen“ – and to actually get the product sold?

BrainCandy No. 38

The world is becoming more and more complex – at the same time populists gain in importance with simple truths. Does enlightenment help?

BrainCandy No. 37

We dramatically overestimate what we know and still dare to have an opinion. Better to put your communication with customers to the test once again.

BrainCandy No. 36

How are our own emotions actually created? Tip: Newborns have no emotions.

BrainCandy No. 35

The development of emotions is different. Entirely different. We are challenged to renew our thoughts.

BrainCandy No. 34

Even Controllers love successful viral campaigns. But what drives virality? Let’s learn from social campaigns!

BrainCandy No. 33

Why taking photographs makes us happy and what selfies have to do with that.

BrainCandy No. 32

The quantifying of the self, when self-optimization becomes too much

BrainCandy No. 31

Why are we schizophrenic? We’ve never been better and yet our fears reach record levels

BrainCandy No. 30

You know what Persuasion is? Well, unfortunately that is not enough anymore. What counts now is Pre-Suasion!

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What others say about us

"With the K&A Psychodrama we were able to dive into the world of thought and emotions of our target group, and learned a lot about the fundamental drivers within the market. This is the ideal basis to target the challenges of the future and to arrange relevant measures. K&A BrandResearch is also lending us their support on this with their methodical and consultation expertise."
Andreas Waidosch, Marketing Director, BSW. The advantage for the public service.

"Only the person who asks the right questions and knows how to listen and, above all, to understand correctly sees into the heart of the consumer. Only consumer research, which knows how to uncover the emotional acupuncture point of the consumer helps us to build more relevant and consequently more appealing brands through strategic orientation and communication. With the tools of K&A we have – depending on the task – decoded precisely the insights which have led us to the goal of successful (further) brand development." Michael Coenen
Coenen Partner Marken-Positionierung

"The psychodrama is for me a trusted classic in terms of market research. Over the last 10 years it has always given me clear, understandable and "tangible" results. The flexibility with which K&A uses these to develop customised approaches to extremely specific issues is a source of fresh inspiration to me." Sonja Williamson, Marketing Director, Chiquita Bagusat Smoothies

"The Alfred Schladerer distillery is a family business in its sixth generation. Updating our traditions in keeping with the times is a constant challenge. K&A has provided us with valuable assistance with thorough understanding of target groups and clear derivations." Philipp Schladerer, CEO, Alfred Schladerer Alte Schwarzwälder Hausbrennerei GmbH

"It was thrilling to observe how markedly the motive structures of the target group could be visualised and understood using the K&A Psychodrama®. We were able to select from among our many marketing ideas those that really promised success. And we were able to regain our position as makret leader in the competitive market." Arne Kahlke, CEO Parship GmbH, Hamburg

"Market research – but only if it is done well – is a real advantage to any creative agency. It helps in advance of campaigns to capture the key insights of the target groups. It helps to determine whether a campaign actually effects a change in behaviour. In other words: good market research is a decisive factor when it comes to developing efficient communication measures. We have therefore been delighted, as well as successful, in our work over many years with the specialists from K&A BrandResearch. More than that. For three years now we have jointly organised the HEALTHCARE EFFICIENCY DAYS." Winfried Krenz, CEO of Schmittgall advertising agency, Stuttgart

WE ARE ...

… the key for our customers to understanding people. For brand managers of local and international brands we include complex market research results in order to make connections in the human-brand interaction understandable and to give clear recommendations for action.

The company

K&A BrandResearch was founded in 1984 by Peer-Holger Stein and Irmgard Porep as Konzept & Analyse – Institut für Qualitative Marktforschung und Marketing-Konzeptionen [Concept & Analysis – Institute for Qualitative Market Research and Marketing Concepts]. From the beginning the focus was on a marketing orientation: only hypothesis-driven research may ultimately provide marketing insights. And only clear recommendations for action actually help marketing.

For many mid-sized companies the derivations turned from research to activities, which paid off as successful market performance. These successes were received positively by our customers and earned us the "Top-Consultant" award several times.

The management
Ralph Ohnemus

Vorstand (CEO)

Ralph Ohnemus

CEO of K&A BrandResearch since 2001. He was previously a client of K&A BrandResearch for 15 years.

National and international marketing and operational experience, including FMCG, fashion, media and telecommunications. Most recently as SVP Consumer Sales responsible for marketing, sales and branch chains at Viag Interkom/O2.

Dr. Uwe Lebok

Executive Board (CMO)

Dr. Uwe Lebok

Graduate demograph and 10 years of research and teaching in the field of demographic change / social security / public health.

Since 1999 cross-sector customer services at K&A in market research and marketing consulting; numerous lectures and publications on brand positioning, psychological brand perception and brand-human interaction.

Since 2005 Executive Board and shareholder at K&A BrandResearch; jury member at GWA Health Care Award and GIT Advisory Board (mid-sized beverage manufacturing company).

Florian Klaus

Director BrandPsychology

Florian Klaus

Graduate in psychology with marketing studies and long experience in research and consulting.

At K&A since 2005, first in project management, customer service and team management.

A shareholder since 2013, and as a manager responsible for psychological market research and consulting for national and international key accounts.

Executive Board of the International Institute for Applied Psychodrama Research e.V.


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